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View the document33. Separate the managers from the leaders30
View the document34. Back up your decision-making with planning31
View the document35. Don't let decision-making bring you down32
View the document36. Some suggestions on decision-making:
View the document37. Be decisive! Take action. A decisive person will almost always prevail only because almost everyone else is indecisive33
View the document38. Don't put too much reliance on data. If a quantitative analysis conflicts with common sense, abandon the data34
View the document39. Consensus seeking is a time-wasting, levelling influence that impedes distinctive performance. Avoid it35
View the document40. Don't analyse a problem to death. Avoid ''paralysis by analysis''36

40. Don't analyse a problem to death. Avoid ''paralysis by analysis''36

It is important to be well-prepared, but it is cowardice to postpone a decision until another unnecessary study is completed.

Managers have to realise that all decisions involve some degree of risk. That's what managers get paid for, to take the risk and make a decision. If you have all the information you are likely to get, then you need to act upon it. Don' t waste time and money on "further analysis."