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View the document87. Training isn't always the answer72
View the document88. Determine where you are going before training your people to get there73
View the document89. Do your staff need training? To find out, ask74
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View the document91. Cultivate those who can teach you (Baltasar Gracian, Priest and writer 1601-1658)
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View the document93. Help people work smarter. Schedule ''Knowledge Circles''76

92. Continue learning by teaching others

One of the side benefits of teaching is that you learn at the same time. First, you have to prepare, which requires some learning of new material, or relearning of old material. Second, you have to communicate this information to your "students," which reinforces your own grasp of the subject. Third, and most important, when you and your students discuss and debate the material, you will probably learn of different ways to look at the material, and you will learn still more.