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View the document87. Training isn't always the answer72
View the document88. Determine where you are going before training your people to get there73
View the document89. Do your staff need training? To find out, ask74
View the document90. Get the best training for your organisation75
View the document91. Cultivate those who can teach you (Baltasar Gracian, Priest and writer 1601-1658)
View the document92. Continue learning by teaching others
View the document93. Help people work smarter. Schedule ''Knowledge Circles''76

93. Help people work smarter. Schedule ''Knowledge Circles''76

A "Knowledge Circle" is a way to share one's knowledge and experience with others. Short, 1-10 minute, presentations are made at these meetings to pass along tips, shortcuts, new ideas, significant findings, or any other information that would help people in the group do their job better or faster. There can be several presenters at one meeting, and they can be drawn from within or outside of your organisation. To be effective, the presentations should be followed by group discussion. Schedule your Knowledge Circles on a regular basis, say once per month, to make them a part of your routine in-house continuing education system. If and when your group runs out of useful information to share, call the Knowledge Circles off ast for awhile.