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close this bookCircuits, Formulas and Tables Electrical Engineering - Basic vocational knowledge (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 201 p.)
close this folder1. Selected Graphical Symbols of Electrotechnology
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1.11. Graphical Symbols for Switching Devices


Graphical Symbol

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Switching members

make contacts, general

break contacts, general

change-over switch, general

change-over switch with central rest position

Relay switching members

make contacts

break contacts

change-over switch with interruption in switching


hand-actuated lever switch

make contacts with automatic resetting

break contacts with automatic resetting

disconnecting switch, three-pole

power circuit-breaker, three-pole

power breaker, three-pole

power switch, three-pole

switch, three-pole, with one make contact and two break contacts

Drive members

drive, general

drive, thermal

drive by centrifugal force

drive by piston

drive by electrical motor

drive by cams

drive by float

manual drive

manual drive with automatic resetting

foot drive

actuation by means of a key

drive by relay or contactor

Electrical drive systems

relay winding only for alternating current

winding of a relay insensitive to alternating current

winding of an electro-thermal relay

winding of a remanence relay

winding of a polarised relay

winding for relay tripping by over-current

winding for relay tripping by undercurrent

winding for relay tripping by reverse current

winding for relay tripping by overvoltage

winding for relay tripping by undervoltage

winding for relay tripping by error voltage

winding for thermal tripping of relay

relay winding with delay of attraction

relay winding with delay of dropping

relay winding with delay of attraction and dropping

relay winding with electrothermal delay

relay winding with electronic delay

winding for relay tripping by open-circuit working

winding for relay tripping by closed-circuit working

winding for relay tripping by overcurrent with time lag

Plugged connections



connector, single-pole

connector, four-pole

h.f. coaxial receptacle

h.f. coaxial connector

h.f. coaxial connector, two - core