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close this bookCircuits, Formulas and Tables Electrical Engineering - Basic vocational knowledge (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 201 p.)
close this folder5. Contactor Circuits
View the document5.1. Types of Excitation of the Control
View the document5.2. Possibilities of Representing Contactor Circuits
View the document5.3. Reversing Contactor Circuits
View the document5.4. Arc Extinguishing Circuits
View the document5.5. Three-contactor Star-delta Connection
View the document5.6. Squirrel-cage Induction Motor
View the document5.7. Sliping Rotor
View the document5.8. Interference Suppression
View the document5.9. Light-current Controlled Power Plant with Impulse Relay

5.4. Arc Extinguishing Circuits

reversing contactor - rapid changing-over

Arc extinguishing circuit for separate excitation

Circuit diagram for the control of the separately escited arc extinguishing circuit