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close this bookThe News Media and Humanitarian Action - 1st Edition (DHA/UNDRO - DMTP - UNDP, 1997, 122 p.)
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Civil war

An intrastate armed conflict

Complex emergencies

Internal political crises and/or armed conflicts complicated by an array of political, social, and economic factors


External actors committing resources to humanitarian action, normally governments or groups of governments acting through governmental, intergovernmental, or nongovernmental channels

Emergency aid

Life-saving humanitarian relief - normally food, shelter, and medical care

Humanitarian action

The provision of emergency aid and the protection of basic human rights

Humanitarian intervention

Nonconsensual humanitarian activities mounted from outside an area in crisis, sometimes involving the threat or the use of military force


The relief of suffering according to need without regard to such factors as nationality, race, religion, politics, or ideology


The broad range of Western news media, except where otherwise defined


The avoidance of taking sides in hostilities or political conflict


The interposition of neutral troops between or among warring factors with their consent to observe and monitor a cease-fire or other peace agreement

Peace enforcement

The imposition of external military force to achieve peace or to advance other objectives against the wishes or without the consent of the warring factions