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close this bookWater and Sanitation in Emergencies - Good Practice Review 1 (ODI, 1994, 120 p.)
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Annex 2 - Useful Contacts and Addresses

Eureka UK Limited
Rotation House 20 Mayday Road Thornton Heath Surrey CR7 7HL UK.
Tel: +44 181 665 0439
Company that manufactures small portable drilling rigs.

International Reference Centre
International Water and Sanitation Centre PO Box 93190 2059 AD The Hague
The Netherlands. Tel: +31 70 814911
Produces technical and social papers related to water and sanitation. Preparing to run specific water and sanitation in emergency courses for MSF - Holland.

REDR (Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief)
The Director c/o Institute of Civil Engineers 1 Great George Street London SW1
Tel: +44 171 233 3116
Maintains a register of professional engineers available to work in emergencies for specialist and non-specialist NGOs. Offers expertise in needs assessment and runs training weekends for appropriate water and sanitation technologies in emergencies.

Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
Loughborough University of Technology Leicestershire LE11 3TU UK
Tel: +44 1509 222390 or 222391
Runs a number of short courses for rural water supplies and sanitation. Has run courses for MSF specifically related to water and sanitation in emergencies.

Intermediate Technology Publications 103-105 Southampton Row London
WC1B 4HH UK. Tel: +44 171 436 9761
Published quarterly, Waterlines is a journal concerned with appropriate technology developments for water and sanitation. IT Publications at the above address have an extensive booklist related to appropriate technologies.

Dialogue on Diarrhoea

AHRTAG - Farringdon Point 29-35 Farringdon Road London EC1M 3JB UK.
Tel: +44 171 242 0606
Published quarterly, Dialogue is a newsletter aimed at a broad range of primary health care workers in developing countries. It is a forum for the exchange of information about the prevention and treatment of diarrhoeal diseases as well as providing educational advice on related health education.