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How to make channa and sondesh

Sondesh are popular sweetmeats made from milk solids in Bangladesh. Most of tire popular sondeshes vary not only in shape but also in composition and taste. New types, like chocolate coated sondesh, are emerging all the time. Most famous mishti (sweetmeat) shops have their own specialty, some of them are novel in presentation and taste.

1 kg channa (see box)
300 - 500g sugar
Cardamom (optional)
Food colouring (turmeric is widely used)
Flavouring (optional)

Karahi (round bottomed metal pan) for cooking.
Wooden tray for kneading and mixing
Oven (smokeless is preferred).
Moulds for creating desired size and shape.
Stainless steel knife.
Tray for setting sondesh.



· Mix the sugar (preferably ground) with the channa and knead until it becomes smooth.
· Transfer the kneaded mixture into a karahi and heat on a slow fire. Stir continuously to prevent scorching.
· Cook until the mixture becomes sticky and portions taken from it can easily be formed into a ball. Flavouring (such as crushed cardamom) may be added at this stage. Spread the mixture onto a tray coated with ghee or oil and allow to cool and set.
· Cut or mould the cooled sondesh into the desired size and shape.