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(BUROTROP) was initiated to strengthen research and development activities on coconut and oil palm and to further develop the co-ordination of interventions and exchange of information.

In 1991 BUROTROP and the African Association of Oil Palm Growers (AFOPDA) organized seminars in Tanzania and Cote d'Ivoire with the objective of identifying research and development priorities for oil palm and coconut. The interest and need for small and medium scale units were identified as a priority during these seminars and also the need for information by these units.

Lack of information on small and medium scale machinery on the market which can be used by small and medium-scale growers, entrepreneurs or groups of producers appeared among the major obstacles to the development of these crops. Hence BUROTROP is organising jointly with AFOPDA in December 1993 a seminar in Ghana whose objective is to sum-up current technologies and provide an occasion for manufacturers and users to meet.

With this in mind, they are planning to publish a bilingual directory (French/English ) on manufacturers and machinery, and would welcome information from suppliers and users.

Contact address: 17 rue de la Tour, 75116 Paris, France.