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close this bookFOOD CHAIN No. 09 - July 1993 (ITDG, 1993, 16 p.)
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Book Lines

The following books are available from the IT Bookshop, 103-105 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4HH, UK. If ordering by post please make cheques payable to IT Publications Ltd, adding 20 per cent for UK postage and 25 per cent for overseas postage.

Food Chain is most anxious to review books produced in developing countries. If you feel a particular book is useful, please let us know - even better send us a copy - costs will be re-imbursed.


P. Fellows, B. Axtell, Published by Transfer of Technology for Development (TOOL), Geneva, ISBN 90 7085728 6. Available from TOOL Publications, Sarphatistraat 650, 1018 AV Amsterdam Price Df1.29.50 or from IT Publications, 103-105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH, UK. Price £10.50

While food processing still has the main objective of providing a safe nutritious diet in order to maintain health, other aspects, particularly the generation of wealth for the producer and seller, have become increasingly important. While in developed countries food processing is almost totally carried out in large, automated factories, small-scale food processing still remains a vitally important economic activity in the developing world.

This unique, well illustrated publication will assist the small and medium-scale food manufacturers in developing countries consider not only which packaging is the best for their product but also other related subjects. The whole package including its materials, label and shipping container should be considered as part of the overall business plan and not, as often happens, as an afterthought. The book is written for entrepreneurs who wish to increase their sales end competitiveness by improving their business. It will also be of interest to food research institutions, NGOs, development workers and extension workers who are involved in projects to improve the small food processing industry sector.


V. Hidellage, P. Fellows, available free from the Technical Enquiry Unit, IT, Myson House, Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HT, UK or from CTA, Postbus 380, 67000A Wageningen, Netherlands.

A new booklet that describes safe food handling and hygienic practices for food production has been produced by IT. The pictorial format of the booklet is ideal for training material and a series of posters is being produced which will be suitable for training in any language.