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View the documentAnnex 1: Maps on the deposits of Asbestos, Asbestos consumption and commercial trade of raw Asbestos
View the documentAnnex 2: Health and safety data sheet for Asbestos cement in UK
View the documentAnnex 3: Asbestos fiber emissions from particular processes
View the documentAnnex 4: US Federal Regulations for Asbestos
View the documentAnnex 5: Commercial names of Asbestos containing products
View the documentAnnex 6: Advantages and disadvantages of Asbestos abatement methods
View the documentAnnex 7: Asbestos data from the environmental handbook Vol. III: Compendium of environmental standards
View the documentAnnex 8: Questionnaire on country profiles regarding Asbestos

Annex 8: Questionnaire on country profiles regarding Asbestos

Environmental Resources Management


Country Profiles

Mining of Asbestos,
Manufacturing, (Production)
Use and Remediation of ACM
(Asbestos Containing Materials)

Research and Development
Substitutes and
Risk Evaluation


Thank you very much for assisting in our approach of performing a world wide study concerning ASBESTOS. As an introduction we would like to give you some information regarding this questionnaire:

This questionnaire is divided into several chapters such as mining, manufacturing or production, use of and remediation of Asbestos containing products. We are also very interested in the way the legislation, research and the development and risk evaluation in terms of Asbestos is practiced in your country, and if there are substitutes used in place of Asbestos.

stands for digging Asbestos fibres from natural deposits of Asbestos minerals in the earth.

Questionnaire about Asbestos mining

stands for processing the Asbestos fibres into a finished products like textiles, insulation materials, paper products, cement products, surface materials, roofing materials, varnishing products, tiles, friction products

Questionnaire about Asbestos processing

stands for the applying Asbestos containing materials (ACM).

Questionnaire about Asbestos use

stands for removing or treating used Asbestos containing materials.

stands for the existing laws concerning Asbestos made by a legislative body.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: stands for scientific investigation or inquiries concerning Asbestos.

stands for judging the risk to human health posed by Asbestos.

stands for the use of adequate materials which have the same qualities as Asbestos.

Questionnaire 1 about Asbestos substitutes

Questionnaire 2 about Asbestos substitutes

Questionnaire 3 about Asbestos substitutes

Questionnaire 4 about Asbestos substitutes

We hope you could understand all our questions and are able to complete the questionnaire. In case of problems, please contact us to ensure that there will be no information missing due to misunderstandings.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

28 November 1992
ERM Umwelt Consult