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3.1 Introduction

In the discussions on environmental aspects and health hazards of Asbestos, the focal point is particulate generation (fiber emissions) and inhalation of fibers. Other process-caused environmental impacts (e.g. production wastewater, energy consumption, etc.) from the further processing of Asbestos to marketable products are not mentioned here.

The environmental hazards of Asbestos are primarily in the form of health impairments. The carcinogenic effect of asbests from inhalation of microfibers has been scientifically confirmed in many studies. Asbestos is classified as particularly carcinogenic in the Hazard Group I of the German Hazardous Substance Ordinance (chrysotile at a mass content 2 than 2%, amphibole Asbestos 2 0.5%. Additionally, there are confirmed results on the so-called fibrogenic effect of Asbestos, by which scar tissue forms as a result of Asbestos inhalation. As a consequence, functional tissue of the lungs is destroyed and connective tissue increases.