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6.1 Evaluation guidelines on the urgency of abatement

The Asbestos Guidelines (Guidelines for the Evaluation and Abatement of Friable Asbestos Products in Buildings) describe the procedure for Asbestos abatement in Germany. These guidelines have proved effective in practice and are presented below.

On the basis of these rules the following criteria play a rule in evaluating the urgency of abatement:

· Type of Asbestos use
· Type of Asbestos
· Surface condition of the product (structure/damage)
· Impairment of the product from the outside
· Use of room
· Position of the product

The investigated object is assigned a grade on the urgency of abatement based on the above criteria.

The following urgency levels exist (see Evaluation form on the following page):

Urgency Level I

(>= 80 Points)

Abatement is required without delay

Such uses pose a definite hazard in the sense of Article 3 of the Framework Building Ordinance (Musterbau-ordnung). If abatement is not immediately possible, measures should be quickly undertaken to reduce the hazard by reducing the Asbestos fiber concentrations indoors. The final abatement should begin within 3 years.

Urgency Level II

(70-79 Points)

Abatement is required in mid-term.

A repeated investigation and evaluation is required at intervals of at most 2 years.

Urgency Level III

(< 70 Points)

Abatement is required in the long-term.

A repeated evaluation should be performed after a maximum of 5 years.

The form for the evaluation of the necessity of abatement with the weighting of individual criteria is presented on the following page. It is well-designed for a practical risk estimation.