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1. Introduction

The worldwide distribution of fiber cement products leads to the suspicion that in developing countries (DC) an elevated Asbestos fiber emission is also to be expected. This could be enhanced by climatic influences, different manufacturing methods for Asbestos containing products, different consumer responses and other orders of preferences, as well as limiting conditions in the availability of substitutes, differing legal norms and other influences. Part IV of this study attempts to illustrate the particular problems of Asbestos in DC. Subsequently, case studies for different countries are detailed. The selection of the countries was made by the contracting party. The collection of data was acquired using a specially conceived questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent to selected organizations in the respective countries. External budgets were provided for gathering the requested information. The varying content of the results of the questionnaire distribution can be traced back to different aspects. For instance, the availability, the state of preparation and the amount of information in the countries are very different.