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2.3 European bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), London

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) does not have any special guidelines on Asbestos. This refers to the handling of Asbestos containing products and the use in building construction. Consequently, corresponding financing questions are individually judged. The procedure of the Bank can be described as follows:

In the frame of environmental audits, Asbestos is judged to be a special risk factor. Environmental audits serve to determine the environmental situation of a room (e.g. of an industrial facility) and an evaluation of facilities with regard to the applicable environmental regulations, as well as to estimate environmentally relevant consequences of the planned investments. Environmental audits are demanded by the EBRD as the basic prerequisite for project financing. For these audits there is an EBRD check list which covers Asbestos explicitly, in addition to other subjects.

For example, with building projects it is tested whether non-friable or friable Asbestos is present. Subsequently, the use of alternative materials is discussed in consideration of the costs.

Due to its young age, the EBRD has apparently not had any special experience with financing projects involving Asbestos. If such a case would arise, a strategic decision would immediately be made based on the special case. Here the single case decision is also emphasized.