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2.4 European investment bank (EIB)

The health hazards from inhalation of Asbestos fibers and the oral intake of Asbestos are considered by the EIB as a risk potential present worldwide. On the other hand, the Bank judges the existing scientific investigations on the causal relationship between a particular pathological symptom and measured Asbestos exposure with great reserve. However, it is assumed that in the foreseeable future detailed studies will exist, upon which the handling guidelines can be developed.

On the part of the EIB, particular developments in the area of health protection are criticized, which have led to market distortions due to different evaluation of the Asbestos topic in different countries. It is therefore recommended as top priority to develop evaluation criteria under consideration of the required time and the financing power of the respective countries and industries.

The current financing politics of the EIB can be outlined as follows:

It is aimed to not support the growth of future Asbestos markets, but rather to reduce these markets. Therefore, in the future no financing should be provided to projects in Asbestos mining or processing of Asbestos containing materials. Every use of Asbestos should be operated under strictly controlled conditions, and, as a prerequisite, no blue Asbestos (crocidolite) should be used.

Furthermore, the Bank supports research in the area of the development of substitutes. The goal is to soon promote the use of alternative products. With all environmental problems, the Bank follows the respective European and national legal norms.