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3 Risk philosophy

From the previous section, it is apparent that formal elements of risk limitation from the use of Asbestos are either not present or only partly present for other organizations.

Generally, Asbestos is viewed as a hazardous and health impairing substance. Consequently, further use of Asbestos and Asbestos containing materials should not be supported, nor their mining or production. The development of substitutes should be given greater attention.

A risk estimation and resulting strategic guidelines in questions of project financing are only present in cases of exception. Concrete statements and strategic guidelines for handling Asbestos could not be obtained for questions of project financing and performance. Instead, the individual institutes emphasize a case-related risk evaluation, upon which single case decisions are based.

In questions of risk estimation, the potential release and inhalative intake of Asbestos fibers is generally judged to be very critical. The oral intake is only considered by the World Bank to represent a health risk.