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close this bookBasic Husbandry Practices and Veterinary Care (IIRR, 1996, 60 p.)
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Livestock production





Sexual maturity**

9 mos

1 year +

6-8 mos

5-6 mos

Breeding age**

14-18 mos

2 years +

10-12 mos

8 mos

Heat cycle

about 3 weeks

about 3 weeks

about 3 weeks

about 3 weeks

Duration of heat

up to 1 day

up to 1 day

1-3 days

1-2 days

Duration of pregnancy

9 months

11 months

5 months

3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days

No. of offspring

1 calf

1 calf

1-3 kids

9 piglets

Milk production

Varies: Local breeds up to 8 kg per day for about 10 months, exotic breeds can produce much more.

1-3 kg per day for about 8 months

0.5 liters per day for about 3 months

30 days

Weaning age

Depends on management system. Important is that newborn animals are given colostrum (the first milk of a mother) as soon as possible after birth.

Castration age

150 days

150 days

30-60 days

14 days

*Figures in this column refer to the Philippine carabao.

**Figures in this table are approximate only. Actual figures may depend on the breed, the individual animal, feeding and other factors.