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Use of Sihundi for the Treatment of roundworms in Pigs

Sihundi (Euphorbia royleana) is a wild shrub found in all parts of the country from the Terai to the midhills. It has been used traditionally for the treatment of various gastro-intestinal worms in humans.


Roundworm (Ascaris soum) infection is a serious problem among pigs. The adult parasites and larvae are found in the small intestine, but only the larvae penetrate the intestinal wall and migrate to the liver, Iungs and heart. Infected pigs show symptoms of loss of appetite, diarrhoea, anaemia, and weight loss, which lead to heavy losses in production and may even cause the death of pigs in severe infections.

Euphorbia royleana


Experimental results show that pills prepared from the latex of Sihundi is one hundred percent effective for pigs against infection caused by roundworms. Additionally, its use in pregnant sows is safe, producing no side effects in the sow or piglets.


The dose should be about one teaspoonful (4.5 ml) of latex/25 kg body weight. The latex should then be mixed with pig feed and fed to the infected pig.

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