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close this bookYoung Women: Silence, Suspectibility and the HIV Epidemic (UNDP, 10 p.)
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Changing the operational research agenda

The mere possibility of a physiological basis to the susceptibility of infection in young women should provide the impetus for an urgent and significant research effort. Answers to questions about the female genital tract identified here, as well as others, must be found so that protective programmes can be developed.

Those who are undertaking relevant research on the female, and male, genital tracts must be supported and their findings widely and quickly disseminated. A focused effort must be made to bring together the observers of the reality and those undertaking such research and analyses together with research funders so that priorities in the bioscientific research agenda can be reset and financial support be immediately available. Doctors, nurses and social workers who are observant and understanding of the relationship between the condition of young women's genital tracts and their life situations are essential partners in the process of determining the research agenda.