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close this bookPartition Wall Making - Course: Timberwork techniques. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 35 p.)
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Instruction Example 5.4.: Scribing of the Stiffening Transoms

The stiffening transoms for the partition wall shown in the detailed drawing are to be scribed.


- One transom in the wall at half height of room.
- Transom timber height: 50 mm
- Transom timber thickness: 80 mm
- Transom timber length: 5000 mm


Hand tools


Measuring and testing means

Folding rule, carpenter’s square

Auxiliary accessories

Pencil, marking gauge, abrasive paper, one-ell trestles

Necessary previous knowledge

Reading of drawings, measuring, angling, scribing

Sequence of operations


1. Put transom timber and foot runner for wall (1) on the trestles.

- Put the two timbers closely together and about flush at the left ends.

2. Scribe the stiffening transom lengths.

- Use the foot runner as template.
- Place the long leg of carpenter’s square at foot runner and transfer all scribed lines (except for section lines) onto transom timber.
- Include door posts.
- Provide each scribed stiffening transom with jointing mark at the transom height.

3. Measure-in and scribe the tenon length.

- Start at the right scribed line of the left corner post and measure-in and scribe to the left.
- Mark the scribed line with section mark.
- On the second to eighth post, scribe from the left scribed line to the right and from the right scribed line to the left and mark with section mark.
- Do not scribe tenon length between the door posts.

4. Scribe the tenon parapets.

- Remove the foot runner to provide freedom to move for scribing.
- Start from the joining side, scribe all front parapets and then all rear parapets.
Use marking gauge and do not cant it when scribing.

5. Angle at the sides and scribe the necessary lines.

- Put long leg of square on the transom timber and scribe downwards at both sides.
- Mark the section lines.

6. Put the transom timber and foot runner for wall (2) on the trestles.

- Proceed as with step 1. above.

7. Scribe the stiffening transom.

- Repeat steps 2., 3., 4. and 5. above, accordingly.

Scribing of the stiffening transoms