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9.5 Homework assignment: Workshop evaluation

10 Minutes


1) Distribute a copy of the take-home examination to each participant. Tell them that they may use their notes but that they are to work independently. Explain that the purpose of the exam is to evaluate how well the educational message was transmitted - not to find out who knows what. It is not necessary to sign the examination sheet.

2) Distribute an action plan form to each participant. Ask workshop members to indicate how they plan to use their newly acquired skills in the community. Ask them to propose a concrete plan for transferring their technical knowledge to other members of the primary health care team.

3) Ask participants to write an honest evaluation of the workshop activities. Evaluations should not be signed to ensure that each person will feel free to express him/herself candidly. The following questions should be addressed:

· Was the workshop a valid educational experience for me?
· Will it help me become a more effective health educator?
· What skills did I acquire during the course of the workshop?
· How could the subject matter/presentation strategy of the workshop be improved?
· What were the principle strengths and weaknesses of the workshop?
· How effectively did the facilitator fulfill his/her role?
· Any other additional comments.

4) It may be necessary to print additional color runs on the poster before the final session. Chances are that you will only have time to print one color during Session 10. Recruit two or three volunteers to help you print all but the last color on the display poster so that you will not be pressed for time during the final session of the workshop.