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Printing of the display poster will be completed. Take-home examinations will be corrected and handed in the facilitator. Completed action plans and individual workshop evaluations will be given to facilitator. Completed posters and excess paper supplies will be distributed to teams. Certificates of completion will be awarded.


Participants will complete the final silkscreen project for distribution to local RHUs. Educational effectiveness of workshop activities will be able to be evaluated by means of the completed projects and community presentations, results of individual take-home examinations, and anonymous written evaluations submitted by participants. Workshop members will commit themselves to using their newly acquired skills in the community and to transferring their technical knowledge to other members of the primary health care team by filling out the action plan and filing it with the Integrated Provincial Health Office.


newsprint or brown paper
masking tape
silkscreen ink
partially printed posters
completed take-home examinations (from Activity 9.5)
action plans (from Activity 9.5)
workshop evaluations (from Activity 9.5)
certificates of completion


1) Make out a certificate of completion for each participant
2) Cover work tables with newsprint or brown paper
3) Assemble materials for printing and clean-up


Estimated Time

10.1 Project #4 Completion

120 minutes

10.2 Clean-up


**** Merienda


10.3 Take-Home Examination: Review & Correction


10.4 Wind-up Activities


180 minutes