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Who has the AIDS virus?

· To demonstrate that you cannot tell by looks or profession who has the AIDS virus.

Target Group:
· All groups

· Assortment of pictures of people of various races, ages, ethnic groups, and professions

· Cut eight to twelve pictures of a variety of people from magazines or newspapers. Staple or paste on colored paper. Give each picture a description, e.g. "This man is about 50 years old, is a bank manager, and has plenty of money." Then decide if the person has the AIDS virus or not. Write it in large letters on the back. Explain to the group: "This is a game. We do not know if these people have the virus or not. When a person is infected with the virus but does not yet have the virus, there are no symptoms. You cannot see it."

· Make two teams, more if the group is large. The game must move quickly, so avoid too many groups. Groups should be small enough so they can discuss their answers.

· Hold up a picture for team # 1. Be careful no one can see the answer on the back. Describe the person in the picture and ask, "Do you think this person has the virus?"

· Ask them to decide as a group. When they answer, ask "Why?" they made that decision.

· Show the answer on the back. If their guess matches what you have written, the team gets a point. Then go to team #2 and so on, using 4-6 pictures for each team.

Explain again:
· "This was just a game. We do not know if these people have the virus or not. The game shows that you can't see when a person has the virus, even when they look clean and beautiful and rich."

· On the wall hang two signs:
"These people have the AIDS virus."
"These people do not have the AIDS virus."

Instead of teams, have the whole audience decide who is or is not infected. Put the pictures under the appropriate sign. When all the pictures have been placed, turn them over to see the answers.

By Jo Young, U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer