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Job Description of Network Senior Staff Person

The following is the actual job description of the senior staff person of the Southern African Network of AIDS Service Organizations (SANASO). You might find it useful to use this example as a guide should you need to develop a job description for a senior staff person of a network.

Job Description

Position: Executive Secretary

Duration: Full Time

The Executive Secretary shall be the chief administrative officer of SANASO. The Executive Secretary shall report to the Coordinating Committee of SANASO through the Chairman of SANASO.

Duties and Responsibilities

It shall be the duty of the Executive Secretary of SANASO:

1.1 To contribute to the advancement of the objectives of SANASO.

1.2 To facilitate the sharing of information, ideas, experiences and resources in AIDS related work between NGOs within the region and the world at large through the following mechanisms:

circulation of quarterly newsletter;
circulation of any pertinent materials;
compilation and maintaining an inventory of the activities of members of SANASO;
pay contact visits to SANASO member NGOs in order to appreciate what they are doing and offer the necessary assistance/support.

1.3 To promote cooperation and collaboration in AIDS work among NGOs in the region.

1.4 To attend Coordinating Committee meetings as an ex officio member, liaise with the Chairperson and Secretary in the preparation of the agendas of such meeting and circulate minutes to all members.

1.5 To maintain a register of assets acquired and donated to SANASO.

1.6 To keep a register of member NGOs and send them reminders and make arrangements on the collection of membership dues and to ensure affiliation of SANASO to relevant bodies.

1.7 To attend and represent the SANASO at Conferences related to Networking in the region and internationally, in consultation with the Chairperson. During such meetings, to inform other members on SANASO’s position on social, political and economic matters affecting AIDS work in the region, particularly SANASO’s needs and achievements.

1.8 To maintain a high standard of professional ethics and confidentiality.

1.9 To maintain financial discipline in SANASO and ensure that accurate records are kept of all financial transactions and to produce regular financial reports for the Coordinating Committee and annual financial reports for the Congress and Donor Organisations.

1.10 To manage business transactions of SANASO in consultation with the Chairperson and Treasurer including that of all finances and ensure that an annual report and a financial statement is produced for the Congress and SANASO Donors.

1.11 To carry out such additional duties as reasonably requested by the Coordinating Committee through the Chairperson or authorised member.

1.12 To organize SANASO Conferences and workshops in conjunction with the host country NGO networks.

1.13 To prepare SANASO funding proposals, circulate them to donors and to meet all requirements for grants to SANASO.

1.14 To supervise other SANASO employees.