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1. Harvest will begin 9-11 days after planting. Pick the mushrooms by twisting them at their base in the straw bed. Straw mushrooms should be harvested before the head of the mushroom fully emerges, since this type of mushroom will bring the highest price.

Figure 25: Harvesting Straw Mushrooms

2. Initial harvest will be complete in 2-4 days. Thereafter, the beds may be watered with plain water, or water enriched with nitrogen (use fertilizer, 25-5-5 vegetable and flower fertilizer, or any other water-soluble fertilizer with a high nitrogen content). Water on top and around the beds. Cover once again with plastic and straw, and after 2-7 days a second, smaller harvest may be possible. One bed should produce a total of 0.5 to 1.0 kg of consumable mushrooms.

This handbook cannot describe all the methods used in the cultivation of straw mushrooms. The method described above is one of the common methods practiced throughout Thailand. It is not the only way to cultivate straw mushrooms. Do not be afraid to experiment or try other methods not described in this handbook. Use common sense.

Figure 26: Site Adjustment for Cultivation in Rainy Season