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Bookbox renewable energy

Bookbox: Renewable Energy
- Motors as Generators
- Directory of Renewable Energy
- Rural Energy Systems
- Solar Living Source Book
- Wind Power
- Strate Energque pour un dloppement durable
- Small-Scale Hydropower
- Solar driers
- Pumps as Turbines
- Basic Electrification for Rural Households
- Livestock production Systems
- Avocado
- Animal Health
- Goats
- Small Scale Vegetable Oil Extraction
- Biofertiliser
- Regenerating Agriculture
- Child Health Dialogue
- Low-cost Sanitation

Motors as Generators
Nigel Smith:
Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power.

ITP, London
82 pp.
ISBN: 1-85339-286-3

103-105 Southampton Row
London WC1B 4HH, UK
This book is a guide to the use of induction motors for electricity generation in remote locations. It is written as a practical handbook for engineers and technicians involved in designing and installing small-water-power schemes for isolated houses and communities. The information derives from the practical experience of manufacturers and installers of induction generator units working in village locations in a number of countries.

Directory of Renewable Energy
Bruce Cross (Ed.):
The World Directory of Renewable Energy. Suppliers and Services 1995.
James & James London
575 pp.
ISBN: 1-873936-40-0

James & James Science Publishers
Watersude House, 47 Kentish Town Road
London NW1 8NZ, UK
This first edition of the World Directory lists over 6,000 companies and organizations from more than 100 different countries active in renewables. To assist the reader the editor commissioned articles which provide a general introduction to each field, give some feel of regional activities, and some case studies of recent installations.

Rural Energy Systems
K. V. Ramani, M. N. Islam and A. K. N. Reddy (Ed.):
Rural Energy Systems in the Asia Pacific. A Survey of their Status, Planning and Management.

APDC, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and GTZ, Eschborn (Germany)
651 pp.
ISBN: 967-9928-39-X
50 US $

Asian and Pacific Development Centre
Pesiaran Duta
P.O. Box 12224
50770 Kuala Lumpur

This book is the outcome of the first regional rural energy survey in the Asia-Pacific, covering 12 Asian countries and four Pacific island nations. It is a unique inventory of facts that describe the rural energy situation in the region and an assessment of the rural energy planning and management process. While it captures the considerable diversity among the countries surveyed, it also highlights the many common threads among them.

Containing over 500 statistical tables and insightful reviews, this 650-page volume is directed at national energy planners, rural development organisations, researchers and trainers, and international donor agencies. It is intended to assist their combined efforts for a new rural energy development paradigm in the coming years.

Solar Living Source Book
John Schaeffer (Ed.):
The Real Goods Solar Living Source Book. The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies & Sustainable Living. 8th Edition.

Chelsea Green Publishing, Vermont (USA)
656 pp.
ISBN: 0-930031-68-7

Chelsea Green Publishing
P.O. Box 428
White River Junction
Vermont 05001 (USA)
This source book is not only a product guide which includes products ranging from simple energy-saving devices like compact fluorescent lights to home-scale energy-harvesting systems that utilize the sun, wind, and water to make electricity for people living "off-the-grid". It also provides a lot of articles on all aspects of appropriate technology in the energy section, written by experts for lay persons or professionals, novice or longtime aficionados.

Wind Power
Paul Gipe:
Wind Power For Home & Business. Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond.

Chelsea Green, Vermont (USA)
413 pp.
ISBN: 0-930031-64-4
35 US $

Chelsea Green Publishing
P. O. Box 428
White River Junction
Vermont 05001 (USA)

This book is the most comprehensive guide to modern wind machines available. These rugged, cost-effective designs are suitable for homeowners, farmers, and small business owners already served by electricity, as well as for those who live beyond the reach of utility lines. Whether powering all or only a portion of a user's need, modern wind turbines can make economic and environmental sense today.

Strate Energque pour un dloppement durable
Benjamin Dessus:
Strates rgque pour un dloppement durable, fph.

55 pp.

Fondation pour le progres de l'homme fph
38 rue Saint Sabin
F-75011 Paris, France
In the french series "Avenir de la plan" the author discusses two visions of the energy-political development of tomorrow. One of two options he has in mind is a "World Energy Council", the other one he calls "New Energy Options".

In the author's view his first vision of a "World Energy Council" with its classical issues of politics will have no chance for further development and will end up in a catastrophy.

He thinks that only the second vision will give the planet earth a chance for its future. So he votes for a change of the strategy right now.

Small-Scale Hydropower
K. Goldsmith:
The Role of the Private Sector in the Small-Scale Hydropower Field
St. Gallen: SKAT
167 pp.
ISBN: 3-908001-50-1

Vadianstr. 42
CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland
This publication addresses the wide range of issues that arise when private participation in hydropower development comes into question. The author pursues an analytical approach and reviews the potential scope for the private sector in its particular relevance to small-scale hydropower development. He deals with the specific concepts within which public and private electric utilities operate, with the way in which both can coexist in a mixed economy and with the transition of ownership from one sector to the other. Attention is paid to the criteria commonly used for assessing the economic and financial viability of a project, its formulation and its regulation once it has become revenue-earning. A comprehensive review is presented in this way to demonstrate the role that the private sector can play in the promotion of electrification from small hydro sources.

Solar driers
Solar driers. A review in tables.

GTZ/ISAT, Eschborn
53 pp.
DM 10,-

P.O. Box 5180
65726 Eschborn, Germany
Finding all the information needed to select or decide on the right type of solar drier for a specific purpose can be a difficult task at GTZ because information on solar driers of varying design, capacity and parameters is kept at many different locations.

The author has now gathered together all relevant information and presented it in table form according to the following parameters: Design; system; materials to be dried; production costs; dissemination; regional origin; additional energy required; capacity; target groups; dimensions; location of documentation at GTZ.

The overview (unfortunately only in German) can be obtained from ISAT.

Pumps as Turbines
Arthur Williams:
Pumps as Turbines. A user's guide.

London (UK)
58 pp.
ISBN: 1-85339-285-5

Intermediate Technology Publication
103-105 Southampton Road
London WC1B 4HH, UK

Micro-hydro is a valuable source of energy for rural industries and village electrification schemes. It has been a traditional method of grain processing throughout the world. Micro-hydro offers a potential to most developing countries with applications in village lighting, mechanized food processing, and the supply of power to small-scale industrial activities. This book is a practical handbook for engineers and technicians involved in designing and installing small water-power schemes for isolated houses and communities. It concerns the use of standard pump units as a low-cost alternative to conventional turbines to provide stand-alone electricity generation in remote locations.

Basic Electrification for Rural Households
E. Biermann, F. Corvinius, T. Herberg, H. Hng:
Basic Electrification for Rural Households. Experience with the Dissemination of Small-Scale Photovoltaic Systems. A Guidebook for Decisionmakers, Planners and Suppliers.

GTZ, Eschborn (Germany)
2nd partly revised edition
179 pp.

GTZ, Division 415 Energy and Transport
P. O. Box 5180
D-65726 Eschborn, Germany

For the past 15 years or so, GTZ has been carrying out diverse projects dedicated to the dissemination of photovoltaic systems fur rural households in developing countries. The present study documents the essential and economic findings and experience gained in the design of successful introductory and disseminative measures. The booklet focuses on the incorporation of PV dissemination processes into the general scope of supply planning and on the delineation of framework conditions with a potential for success. Of particular interest in this connection is a precise definition of the respective roles of individual actors involved in the dissemination process.

Condensed versions are available in German, English French and Spanish.

Livestock production Systems
R. Trevor Wilson:
Livestock production Systems

London/Wageningen: Macmillan/CTA
141 pp.
ISBN: 0-333-60012-6

P.O. Box 380
NL-6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlandes

The book examines how individual species of domestic livestock can be intregrated into the whole concept of sustainable agriculture in the tropics. A wide range of different case studies from tropical countries provide practical models for livestock husbandry. It is shown how livestock are essential for the development of ecologically sound systems of food production. All types of livestock are covered including buffalo, camels and poultry.

J. P. Gaillard and J. Godefroy:

London/Wageningen: Macmillan/CTA
120 pp.
ISBN: 0-333-57468-0

P.O. Box 380
NL-6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands

Avocado is a succint guide to the cultivation and marketing of a fruit growing importance in the diets of many people throughout the world. It covers the plant's origins and distribution, botany, and selection and breeding, as well as providing more detailed guidance on the field operations needed to grow this sensitive crop successfully. Land preparation, the choice of cultivars and rootstocks, grafting techniques, irrigation requirements, and major pests and diseases are some of the topics covered. Lastly, the book turns to harvesting and processing considerations, with special emphasis on the requirements for export.

Animal Health
Archie Hunter:
Animal Health, General Principles.

London/Wageningen: Macmillan/CTA
167 pp.
ISBN: 0-333-61202-7

P.O. Box 380
NL-6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands

The book explains the causes of animal diseases, how they are spread and the means available for their control. It covers not only diseases caused by micro-organisms, arthropods and helminths, but also deals with metabolic diseases and those caused by toxins. The signs of health and the symptoms to look for when an animal is suspected of being diseased are clearly presented using simple diagnostic keys. It is a valuable guide for anyone involved with maintaining and establishing the health of animals in tropical and subtropical countries.

Mike Steele:

London/Wageningen: Macmillan/CTA
152 pp.
ISBN: 0-333-52309-1

P.O. Box 380
NL-6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands

This book is a guide for anyone involved with breeding and maintaining goats, either as a flock or as part of a smallholding. It covers all aspects of goat rearing, starting with the origins and history of goats, their population and distribution worldwide. Chapters on different breeds, nutrition and feeding, reproduction and kid rearing, health and routine husbandry are followed by the use of goat meat, fibres and skin and milk production. The text is presented in a clear and easy-to-read style, and is illustrated with many diagrams and photographs throughout.

Small Scale Vegetable Oil Extraction
S. W. Head; A. A. Swetman; T. W. Hammonds and others:
Small Scale Vegetable Oil Extraction.

Chatham Maritime, Kent: NRI
107 pp.
ISBN: 085954-387-0

Natural Resources Institute (NRI)
Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime
Kent, ME4 4TB, United Kingdom

The processes required to manufacture human food from oilseeds and nuts vary considerable, depending on the raw materials and the scale of manufacturers, but the choice for smaller manufacturers is generally limited. The book presents the options available for processing a range of common oilseeds from domestic to village scales of operation. Details are provided on the type and source of equipment, and the requirements for financial success are examined.

The publication will be of interest both to entrepreneurs and NGOs considering setting up oilseed operations.

Mr. Motsara, P. Bhattacharyya, Beena Srivastava:
Biofertiliser. Technology, Marketing and Usage. A Sourcebook cum Glossary.

New Dehli (India): Fertiliser Development and Colsultation Organisation
183 pp.
ISBN: 81-85116-38-5
US $ 60

Fertiliser Development and Colsultation Organisation
204-204A Bhanot Corner
1-2 Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi 110048, India

This book provides the latest information on production technology, market and usage of major biofertilizers such as Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Blue Green Algae, Azolla, Phospate Solubilisers and Mycorrhizae. In addition, a list of equipment and materials supliliers as well as commercial biofertiliser producers is also given followed by a glossary of terms used in biofertiliser work.

Regenerating Agriculture
Jules N. Pretty:
Regenerating Agriculture. Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self-Reliance.

London: Earthscan
320 pp.
ISBN: 1-85383-198-0

Earthscan Publications
120 Pentonville Road
London N1 9NJ, United Kingdom

The book looks at the scale of the challenge facing agriculture today and details the concepts and characteristics of alternative, sustainable agriculture. The author draws together new empirical evidence from a diverse range of agroecological and community settings to show the impacts of more sustainable practices. Using 20 detailed case studies, and field and community-level data from more than 50 projects and programmes in 28 countries, he identifies the common elements of success in implementing sustainable practices and shows how to replicate them.

Child Health Dialogue
The International Newsletter on Child Health and Disease Prevention.
AHRTAG, London (UK)
ISSN: 0950-0235

29-35 Farringdon Road
London EC1M3JB, UK

In order to support health and community workers to tackle child health, AHRTAG has launched a new child health newsletter. It will focus on practical prevention and management of the five main childhood illnesses. The new 12-page quarterly newsletter will replace "Dialogue on Diarrhoe" and "ARI News". New features will include an eye-catching colour design, regular columns on essential drugs and training tips, simplified research updates and quizzes.

Low-cost Sanitation
John Pickford:
Low-cost Sanitation. A survey of practical experience.

London (UK)
167 pp.
ISBN: 1-85339-233-2

IT Publications
103-105 Southampton Row
London WC1B 4HH, UK

About two billion people in the world have no adequate sanitation provision whereby they can relieve themselves in a healthy, convenient and private way. This book addresses itself squarely to this enormous problem. It is a guide to what has been learnt about providing sanitation coverage for both rural and urban low-income communities, and outlines what is appropriate, practical and acceptable. Throughout, the text is supported by extensive references, illustrations and statistics, making this book vital for anyone involved in this field of endeavour, directly as a worker or a planner, and also those studying the subject who require a thorough yet concise survey of the experience to date.

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