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Hoof trimming

A hoof is the horny part of the feet of cattle, water buffaloes, goats and pigs. Hooves should be trimmed regularly. The hooves of animals kept indoors grow fast and often in irregular shares.

Overgrown and properly trimmed

Trimming the hooves of a large animal

1. Restrain the animal. Cast down wild animals only.

2. Tie the legs together to avoid being kicked.

3. If chisel and hammer are used, the animal does not have to be cast down. Place a leg on a fiat piece of wood (to reduce shock awing hammering)

4. Start trimming at sides, then around the entire hoof Front and sides are normally harder. It should be trimmed up to the level of the hoof.

Trimming the hooves of small animals

1. Restrain the animal.
2. Trim sides with the use of a sharp knife around the entire hoof.

Instruments needed

Large animals

- Chisel
- Hammer
- Piece of flat wood.

Small animals

- Sharp knife.