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close this bookFact sheet No 180: Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) - Revised December 2000 (WHO, 2000, 4 p.)
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Measures Taken to Protect Public Health

Due to strong suspicions of a linkage between vCJD and BSE, the British government made BSE a notifiable disease in June 1988. Shortly afterwards, a statutory ban on the feeding of protein derived from ruminants (e.g., cattle, sheep and goats) to any ruminant was introduced. The use in the food chain of bovine offals considered to pose a potential risk to humans was also banned in the UK in 1989, and the list of banned bovine offals was revised and expanded on several occasions as new information became available. In other countries, including Europe, measures taken, the date of implementation and the extent of enforcement vary from country to country.