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14. Where should the nursery be made?

You can make a nursery on one of the checks of the rice field, or close to your house.

If the nursery is near the house, it is easier to look after.

If the nursery is on a check, it needs less work to transport the seedlings and to water.

There should always be a watchman near the nursery, to protect it against rats, birds, cows and goats.

For keeping watch over the nurseries and for watering them, it is best for several farmers to come to an agreement to make their nurseries close together.

How big should your nursery be?

Your nursery should be big enough to give you a choice, so that you can choose from it the best seedlings, and also later replace any seedlings that do not grow.

The right size for the nursery is one tenth of the size of the rice field to be planted.

For example: if you have a rice field of 6000 square metres, make a nursery of 600 square metres.

The nursery is one tenth of the size of the field to be planted