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Guides are printed sheets used to provide detailed information about specific points along a self-guided nature trail. (See Appendix B). A guide should be considered only if you have access to a duplicating machine. It can be a useful means to give additional or seasonal information about your conservation center. Drawings or charts can be included, as well as suggestions for further study or action.

The easiest form for a guide is to print both sides of one or more sheets of letter paper, two columns to a side, then fold or staple them to make a simple booklet.


A printed guide can be loaned for use while the visitor is using the conservation center; it can be sold for a small fee to help cover expenses, or it can be given away, if your budget permits.

A nature trail guide, planned for Venezuela, is included here. It was intended that appropriate sketches accompany the guide. (See Appendix B for proposed features for a nature trail in Southeast Asia).