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close this bookTraining for Elected Leadership - The Councillor as Decision-maker (HABITAT, 1994, 22 p.)
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Key points

· Deciding not to decide can be a very decisive moment.

· Rational decision-making is an important process, but it's not the whole story when it comes to making a decision.

· Identifying the problem may be the most difficult and important stage in decision-making and problem-solving. So, talk to your problem.

· Don't focus all your time and energies on solving problems. Take time out to take advantage of some opportunities as well.

· Awareness and vision are the critical first steps to decision-making.

· Quality and acceptance are key dimensions in assessing the decisions you are about to make.

· If those who are part of the problem have not been consulted about the decision to do something about it, they may not be willing to support the solution.

· There are a number of ways to make group decisions. None are wrong, but some are better than others, although this too depends on what the decision is all about.

· "Groupthink" is a virus that can debilitate your council in its ability to make decisions.

· Managing agreement in a group is a lot more difficult than managing conflict.

· There are some decision less decisions that are useful when you are faced with deciding in the midst of uncertainty and ambiguity.