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Resource institutions



Program focus


Agro-ecology Institute Zhejiang Agricultural University Hangzhou, 310029, Zhejiang Province, China

farming systems, agroecology

research and development, education

Institute of Forestry Research China Academy of Forestry Beijing, China

forestry and agroforestry

basic and applied research, demonstration, networking (APAN national focal point)

Institute of Scientific and Technical Information Chinese Academy of Forestry Beijing, China.

forestry, social forestry

information generation and dissemination

Institute of Soil Science Academia Sinica Nanjing, China

soil conservation, agroforestry

agroforestry networking project

Institute of Sub-tropical Forestry Research Chinese Academy of Forestry Hangzhou, China

sub-tropical forest, bamboo-based farm forestry

research, experiment station, documentation

Institute of Tropical Forestry Research Chinese Academy of Forestry Guangzhou, China

tropical forestry and agroforestry

research, experiment station, outreach

International Farm Forestry Training Center China Academy of Forestry Beijing, China

farm forestry, agroforestry



Agricultural Polytechnic-Kupang Jl. Adisucipto, Pentui P. O. Box 1111

dryland farming and agroforestry systems, indigenous

research and development, education and training

Kupang 8501 1, Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia

knowledge, agroecosystems, multipurpose tree species

Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network (FAO-APAN) Jl. Gunung Batu 5 P. O. Box 481 Bogor 16004, Indonesia

agroforestry systems, human resource development

networking, training, information services, field demonstration

Asia Soil Conservation Network (ASOCON) Manggala Wanabakti Blok IV Lt. S. Jl. Gatot Subroto or P. O. Box 133 JKWB Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

soil conservation


Badan Pendidikan den Latihan Pertanian(Agency for Agricultural Education and Training) Jl. Harsono No. 3, Pasarminggu Jakarta 12560, Indonesia

farming system, nature conservation, human resources development

networking, training and extension education, monitoring and evaluation methods

Balai Metodologi Informasi Pertanian(Agricultural Information Methodology Center) P. O. Box 252, Ciawi, Bogor, Indonesia

farming systems, people-based approach

instructional media training development, information services

Bogor Agricultural University Jl. Raya Pajajaran Bogor, Indonesia

forestry, farming systems, food technology

research and development, education and training

Forest and Nature Conservation Research and Development Center Jl. Gunung Batu 5 Bogor, Indonesia

agroforestry systems, nature conservation

research and development, training and extension, (APAN national focal point)

ICRAF Southeast Asia Programme Jl. Gunung Batu 5, Bogor, Indonesia


research and development

Kelompok Kerja Konservasi(Working Group for Conservation) c/o LP3ES, Jl. Mergapati 10 Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia

agroforestry, nature conservation

networking, information services

Nusa Tenggara Upland Development Consortium c/o World Neighbors Southeast Asia P. O. Box 71, Ubud 85071, Bali, Indonesia

agroforestry, nature conservation, gender, participatory approach

networking, information services

Perum Perhutani Gd. Manggala Wanabhakti Blok IV Lt 4 Jl. Gatot Subroto, Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia

agroforestry, non- wood forest product, nature conservation

research and development, training extension

PROSEA Network Office c/o Research and Development Center for Biology, LIPI Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 22 P. O. Box 234 Bogor 16122, West Java, Indonesia

fanning systems, indigenous and exogenous knowledge

research and development, networking, information services on plant resources, handbook, data bank

World Neighbors Southeast Asia Office P. O. Box 71, Ubud 85071, Bali, Indonesia

people-based approach, upland development program

networking, media development, information services

World Neighbors Southeast Asia Media Support Program Studio Driya Media, Jl. Makmur No. 16 Bandung 40161, West Java, Indonesia

people-based approach, upland development program

networking,media development, information services

Yayasan Bina Swadaya Jl. Gunung Sahari III/7, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

agroforestry, social forestry


Papua New Guinea

Bubia Research Station LAE, Morobe Province Papua New Guinea

farming systems

research, information services

Highlands Agricultural Experimentation Station, Aiyuva P. O. Box 384 Kainantu, EHP Papua New Guinea

agroforestry/farming systems

research, information services

Land Utilization Section Department of Agriculture and Livestock P. O. Box 1863 Baroko, Papua New Guinea

land suitability assessment, soil survey, agroclimatology, agroecological zoning, land use planning

planning, coordination, information services

Subsistence Agricultural Improvement Project Department of Morobe LAE, Morobe Province Papua New Guinea


training and extension

Wan Ecology Institute Private Bag LAE Morobe Province Papua New Guinea

indigenous knowledge, agriculture, land use, wildlife ecology

research, information services


Bureau of Agriculture Research Department of Agriculture Visayas Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines

farming systems

research and development, networking

Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau Department of Environment and Natural Resources College, Laguna 4031, Philippines

natural resources technology generation, ecosystems

research and development

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction Y.C. James Yen Center Silang, Cavite 4118 Philippines

integrated community-based rural development, environment, natural resources, agriculture, rural enterprise building

integrated approach, research, networking, media development, training and extension, information services

International Rice Research Institute Los Ba Laguna Philippines

farming systems, crop management, post- harvesting technology

research and development

Kapwa Upliftment Foundation, Inc. 427 Durian St., Juan Subdivision Matina 8000, Davao City Philippines

agroforestry, gender, human resource, land tenure

people-centered development program, networking, training, extension

Mag-Uugmad Foundation, Inc. 39-2 Pelaez St. 6000 Cebu City PhiIippines

soil and water conservation, farming systems, farmer- centered development

people-centered development, networking, training, extension, media development, research

Mariano Marcos State University Institute of Sustainable Dryland Agriculture College of Agriculture and Forestry Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

dryland agriculture, farming systems

research and development

Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center Kinuskusan, Bansalan Davao del Sur, Philippines

upland technology development, farming systems

training, extension, media development, research and development

Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources and Development Los Ba Laguna Philippines

forestry, agriculture, farming systems

research, technology generation, verification dissemination and development

Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement P. O. Box 10479 Broadway Centrum, Quezon City, Philippines

natural resources management

advocacy, research, information services

Southeast Asia Regional Center for Research in Agriculture Los Ba Laguna, Philippines


research and development, training

University of the Philippines at Los BaCollege, Los BaLaguna, Philippines

agronomy, human ecology, forestry, biological science, natural resources, rural development

research and development

- College of Forestry

- Institute of Biological Science

- Department of Agronomy

- College of Human Ecology


AgricuIture Department Paholyothin Road, Chajutak Bangkok 10900, Thailand

sustainable agriculture

research and development

CARE Thailand18 A Sub Soi, Aree 4 North Paholyothin 7, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

natural resource management, watershed management, community development


Faculty of Agriculture Chiangmai University Chiangmai, Thailand

natural resource conservation

research and development, training

Faculty of Forestry Khon Kaen University Khon Kaen, Thailand

nature conservation, human resource development

research and development, training

FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Maliwan Mansion39 Phra Atit Road Bangkok 10200, Thailand

rural development, food security, agroforestry, farm management, marketing, women in development, soil and water conservation

development assistance through expert consultation, training, networking, information services

Farming Systems Research and Development Office of Agricultural Economics Paholyothin Road, Chatujak 10900 Bangkok, Thailand

farm-based approach

research and development, training

Hill Areas Development Foundation P. O. Box 1 I Mae Chan District Chiangrai 57110, Thailand

natural resource management, community development, soil and water conservation

education, extension

Kasetsart University Chajutak, Bangkok 10903 Thailand

nature conservation, human resource development

research and development, training

- Faculty of Agriculture

- Faculty of Forestry

Multipurpose Tree Species Network for Asia P. O. Box 1038 Kasetsart Office Bangkok 10903, Thailand

farm forestry, integrated agricultural systems

research and development

Office of Community Forestry Royal Forest Department Paholyothin Road, Bangkhen Bangkok 10900, Thailand

agroforestry, social forestry

planning and development, training(APAN national focal point)

Population Development Association Sukhumvit Soi 12 Bangkok, Thailand

people-based approach

research and development

Regional Community Forestry Training Center c/o Faculty of Forestry Kasetsart University P. O. Box 1111 Bangkok 10903, Thailand

social forestry

training, Information services, networking

Royal Forest Management Chatujak, Bangkok Thai land

natural forest management and conservation

planning and development

- Natural Forest Land Use Management Division

- Silviculture Division

- Watershed Conservation Division

Save the Children P. O. Box 49 Nakhon Sawan 60000, Thailand

farm forestry, community forestry

development, networking, training

Sustainable Agriculture Extension Division Agriculture Extension Department Paholyothin Road, Bangkok Thailand

agroforestry and farming systems


Thai-German Highland Development Program P. O. Box 67 Chiangmai 50000, Thailand

farming and agroforestry systems, watershed, natural resource management, land use, community based

research and development


Agriculture Research Institute No. 1, 1 16 Nguyen Binh Chieu Street District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


research and extension

CARE International in Vietnam130 A, Thung Khue Hanoi, Vietnam

community forestry, upland farming system, community development

training and extension

Center for Natural Resources Management and Natural Environmental Studies15 B Trieu Viet Vuong Hanoi, Vietnam

natural/agricultural/ rural resources, agroforestry, biodiversity

management and development (upland area)

Center for Soil and Fertilizer Research and Techno-Transfer(ISF/MAFI), 37 Ben Chuong Duong District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

soil fertility

research and extension

College of Agriculture and Agroforestry Thuduc, Ho Chi Minh City65/5 a Nguyen Trong, Tuyen Street Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

agriculture, forestry

development and extension

Forest Science Institute Chem-Tu, Liem Hanoi, Vietnam


research (APAN national local point)

Forestry College Xuan Mai, Hatay Province Vietnam

silviculture, social forestry, wood processing

research and development, training, networking

Hanoi Agricultural University Gia Lam, Hanoi Vietnam

agriculture, agro- ecology, farming systems, food production

research and development

Langa Union of Forest Enterprise Ministry of Forestry Hanoi, Vietnam

dipterocarp forest

research and extension

Upland Farming Systems, R & D Center University of Agriculture No. 3 Bacthai Province, Vietnam

upland farming and agroforestry systems, soil and water

research and development, training and extension conservation