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Participants' profiles

Kwanchewan Buadeng

Kwanchewan "Jid" Buadeng is a Social Researcher at the Social

Thai-German Highland Development

Research Institute, Chiangmai University, Thailand. She holds a


Masters in Anthropology from the Ateneo de Manila University,

P O Box 67, Chiangmai 50000

Philippines. Jid has attended many national and international


workshops and presented papers at the Asian Farming Systems

Fax 66-53-211 808

symposium, Farming Systems Development working groups of

GTZ projects and other conferences.

Dr. Lope Calanog

Ecosystems Research and Develop-

Dr. Lope A. Calanog is a Supervising Science Research Specialist

ment Bureau

at the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau of the

Department of Environment and

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the

Natural Resources

University of the Philippnes - Los Ba At present, he is the head

University of the Philippines at Los

of the Community Forestry Section of the Ecosystems Research

Ba College, Laguna 4031

and Development Bureau of the DENR. He has just completed his


Ph.D. in Community Development. Soon, he will be completing a

book tentatively titled Adaptive Traditionalism of a Swidden

based Upland Community.

Roberto Dalmacio

Dr. Roberto "Bert,, V. Dalmacio is the Instruction Division Coor

UPLB Agroforestry Program

dinator at the UPLB Agroforestry Program, Philippines, and is

College of Forestry

also an Associate Professor in Silviculture and Forest Influences.

University of the Philippines at Los

He teaches graduate courses in silviculture and agroforestry and


advises graduate students. He conducts research in the fields of

silviculture and agroforestry. He also designs and coordinates

training courses in reforestation and agroforestry and serves as a

resource person in topics dealing with silviculture and


Alma Monica de la Paz

Alma Monica A. dela Paz is the Executive Director of the Kapwa

Executive Director

Upliftment Foundation, Inc., in Matina, Davao City, Philippines.

Kapwa Upliftment Foundation, Inc

Alma is currently a member of the board of directors of

427 Durian St., Juan Subdivision

PHILDHRRA, a national coalition of NGOs. She is one of 18

Matina 8000, Davao City, Philippines

private-sector representatives to the Regional Development Coun

cil of Region XI as well as serving as a member of the Economic

Development Committee of the Council. She also represents

Kapwa in the Regional Upland Development Committee of the


Dr. Narciso Deomampo

FAO Regional for Asia and the

Dr. Narciso R. Deomampo is the FAO Regional Farm Manage

Pacific (RAPA)

ment Economist based at the FAO Regional Office in Bangkok,

Maliwan Mansion

Thailand. Before joining RAPA, Dr. Deomampo worked as an

39 Phra Atit Road

FAO Project Manager in Sri Lanka on Agricultural Marketing

Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Extension from 1985-1986. He was assigned as FAO Marketing

Fax 66-2-280 0445

Economist in the Northern Areas of Pakistan from 1987-1989. In 1990, Dr. Deomampo was the Chief Technical Adviser of FAOTCP Project in Chiangmai, Thailand, on Group Marketing and Extension. In 1991, he was appointed as Chief Technical Adviser of FAO/UNDP Marketing Project - Lesotho, Southern Africa for two years.

John Dixon

Programme Coordinator

John Dixon is a farmer from Queensland, Australia. He holds

FARM Programme

degrees in Rural Science, Agricultural Economics, Natural Re

FAO Regional Office for Asia and the

source Management and Sustainable Agriculture. He has worked


for FAO in Africa, the Near East, Asia and its headquarters. He

Maliwan Mansion

now serves as coordinator of the UNDP/FAO/UNIDO Farmer

39 Phra Atit Road

centred Agricultural Resource Management Programme.

Bangkok .0200, Thailand

Fax 66-2-280 0445

Antonius P. Y. Djogo


Antonius "Tony', P.Y. Djogo is the Director of Agricultural Poly

Agricultural Polytechnic-Kupang

technic, Kupang, Indonesia. He graduated from Bogor Agricul

Jl. Adisucipto, Pentui

tural University Indonesia in 1980 (from the Department of Soil

P O BOX 1111

Sciences] Faculty of Agriculture). He has attended several

Kupang 85011

trainings in-country and overseas. The research and development

Nusa Tenggara Timur

areas in which he specializes include: agroecosystem analysis,

Fax 62-391-31001

agroforestry and social forestry; dryland farming systems; and

farmer-based dryland farming systems development.

Ines Vivian Domingo

Ines Vivian "IV,, D. Domingo is the Coordinator of the World

Southeast Asia Media Support

Neighbors - Southeast Asia Media Support Program. She is based


in Bandung Indonesia. She coordinates the production of low-cost

Studio Driya Media

media in a variety of topics, including sustainable upland agriculture.

JI. Makmur No. 16

Bandung 40161

West Java, Indonesia

Patrick Durst

Patrick B. Durst is a Regional Forestry Officer for Asia and the

FAO Regional Office for Asia and the

Pacific at FAO, Bangkok, Thailand. Before joining FAO, he

Pacific (RAPA)

worked for nearly eight years with the Office of International

Maliwan Mansion

Forestry, USDA Forest Service—first as Special Projects Coordi

39 Phra Atit Road

nator for the Forestry Support Program, then as Coordinator for

Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Asia and Near East Programs and finally as Asia-Pacific Branch

Fax 66-2-280 0445


Riri Fithriadi

Riri Fithriadi is the Agroforestry Extension Specialist of the FAO

Agroforestry Extension Specialist

Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network (FAO-APAN). He joined

FAO Asia-Pacific Agroforestry

APAN in 1993 and was responsible for information and technology


exchange, training, field activities and networking in Indonesia. In

JI. Gunung Batu 481

1990-1993, he worked with the Studio Driya Media in Bandung,

P O Box 481, Bogor 16004

Indonesia, as Associate Director for Research and Development


and was responsible for media development management and some field activities.

Dr. James H. French

Dr. James "Jim,, French is the Information and Training Specialist

Information Specialist

of the FAO Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network (FAO-APAN).

FAO Asia-Pacific Agroforestry

Home is shared between New Hampshire, Bangkok and Bogor.

JI. Gunung Batu 481

Jim has lived in Thailand for 14 years and in Indonesia for 5 years.

P O Box 481, Bogor 16004

Most of this time was with UNDP working on rural development,

Indonesia watershed management and rubber replanting programs. In Indo nesia, he worked with Winrock International on researchextension linkages and the Upland Agriculture and Conservation Project. His doctorate is in extension education and his masters is in communication.

Dr. O. Sunarya

Dr. Sunarya "Ooy" Hadiwisastra is an Agriculture Extension


Specialist at the Agency for Agricultural Education and Training of

Balai Diklat Pertanian

the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. He holds a Ph.D. in Devel

Proyek P4K Pusat

opment Communications from UPLB, Philippines. At the Agency,

JI. Harsono RM 3

Ooy serves as the project secretary of PHK (Income-generating

Jakarta 12560

activities for small farmers and landless).


Fax 62-21 -780 5209

Nguyen Huu Hong

Nguyen Huu Hong is a lecturer and researcher in upland rice,

Deputy Director

upland farming systems and agroforestry at the University of

Upland Farming Systems (R & D Center)

Agriculture, No. 3, Bacthai, Vietnam. He holds an MSc degree on

University of Agriculture No. 3

agronomy from Migazaki University in Japan. He is the deputy

Bacthai Province, Vietnam

director of agroforestry, research and development center for the

northern mountains in Vietnam.

Dr. Kennedy Igbokwe

Water Resources Management

Dr. Kennedy Igbokwe is the Water Resources Management Spe


cialist at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction,

International Institute of Rural

Philippines. He graduated from Central Philippines University with


a BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering and holds MSc and

Silang, Cavite, Philippines

Doctoral degrees in Agricultural Engineering with specialization in

Fax 63-96-402 0891

soil and water management from Central Luzon State University,

Philippines. He is presently involved in conceptualizing and devel

oping water resources/watershed management projects and participatory technology development for rainfed agriculture improvement in the semi-arid areas of India.

Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen is an Associate Professional Officer/Agroforestry

FAO Regional Office for Asia and the

of FAO-RAPA. He holds an M.Sc. degree on Agroforestry and

Pacific (RAPA)

Forest Ecology from Copenhagen University and the Royal Veteri

39 Phra Atit Road

narian and Agricultural University. Since 1992, he has been work

Bangkok 10200, Thailand

ing with FAO—first in the Regional Wood Energy Development

Fax 66-2-280 0445

Programme and then at the Forestry Section of RAPA, both

located in Bangkok, with agroforestry as his main responsibility. He has previous working experience in ecological research in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Wu Jianjun

Associate Professor and Deputy

Wu Jianjun is the Deputy Director of the Agro-ecology Institute,


Zhejiang Agricultural University, China. He has worked in the

Agro-ecology Institute

Institute since 1987 as an instructor, researcher and associate

Zhejiang Agricultural University

professor. In addition to teaching (crop production, groecology,

Hangzhou, 310029

specific topics on agroecosystems and integrated farming systems),

Zhejiang Province

he conducts research on Chinese ecological agriculture, farming

People's Republic of China

systems development on red soil hilly areas (uplands) and the

Fax 86-571 -604 9815

structure and mechanisms for integration of agricultural education,

demonstration, training and extension.

Dr. Junus Kartasubrata

Dr. Junus Kartasubrata heads the Network Office of the Plant

Acting Head

Resources of South East Asia (PROSEA) Foundation in Bogor,

PROSEA Network Office

Indonesia. He holds a doctorate in Forestry from Bogor Agricul

c/o Research and Development

tural University.

Centre for Biology

LIPI, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 22

P.O. Box 234

Bogor 16122, West Java, Indonesia

Fax 62-251 -336 425

Scott Killough

Scott Killough is the Director of the Environment, Natural Re


sources and Agriculture program at the International Institute of

Environment, Natural Resources and

Rural Reconstruction. He has been involved in management of


research and training activities in upland farm management in the

Reconstruction, Silang, Cavite

Philippines, India, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Before joining IIRR,


he worked with the Peace Corps in Guatemala and in the U.S.A.

Fax (632) 522 2494

Chun K. Lai

Chun Lai, Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network (APAN) Regional


Coordinator, was born in Hongkong and raised and educated in the

FAO Asia-Pacific Agroforestry

U.S. He holds forestry/international forestry degrees from the

Jl. Gunung Batu 481

University of Maine at Oroneo and from Yale University. His

P O Box 481, Bogor 16004

professional experience includes assignments in the Northwestern


U.S. (U.S. Forest Service), West Africa (Peace Corps, Fulbright

Program and USAID), Bangladesh (Winrock International) and Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network—FAO network based in Bogor, Indonesia. His total experience exceeds 1 5 years in the field working on forestry and agroforestry.


Teunchai "Jai" Lakhaviwattanakul is a Professional Forest Officer


at the Royal Forest Department, Thailand. She is also the current

Chief, Agroforestry Branch

APAN National Coordinator in Thailand.

Office of Community Forestry

Forest Department

Pa halyoth in Road, Bangkhen

Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Fax 66-2-579 1718

Pearmsak Makarabhirom

Pearmsak Makarabhirom is a Technical Forestry Officer of the

Agroforestry Branch

Royal Forest Department, Bangkok, Thailand. He is also a Pro

Office of Community of Forestry

gram Officer of the Regional Community Forestry Outreach

Forest Department

Program of the Regional Community, Forestry Training Center for

Pahalyothin Road, Bangkhen

Asia-Pacific. He is experienced in agroforestry research and

Bangkok 10900

extension, community forestry and forestry extension.


Fax 66-2-579 5416

Dr. Stanley Malab

Assistant Professor

Dr. Stanley "Stan,, C. Malab is a Professor and Director for Re

Institute of Sustainable Dryland

search at the Mariano Marcos State University, Batac, Ilocos

Agriculture, College of Agriculture

Norte, Philippines. His present assignments include: Professor of

and Forestry, Mariano Marcos State

Forest Science, Director for Research and Development; and


Concurrent Director of the Institute of Sustainable Dryland Agri

Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

culture. He has conducted research on nitrogen dynamics on

Fax 63-77-792 3131

agroforestry systems, bamboo technology, sand dune utilization

and computer modelling for agroforestry systems.

Dr. Evelyn Mathias

Dr. Evelyn Mathias is the Coordinator of the Regional Program for

IlRR, Silang, Cavite

the Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge in Asia (REPPIKA) at


the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction. Her major

Fax (632) 522 2494

interests are in ethnoveterinary medicine, the use of indigenous

knowledge in development, livestock development and the delivery of animal health care services. Before joining IIRR, she was a visiting lecturer at the Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia. Dr. Mathias holds a Dr. Med. Vet. degree (equivalent to Ph.D.) in veterinary medicine and a DVM degree, both from Justus- Liebig University in Giessen, Germany. She has a Master's in International Development from Iowa State University, USA.

Dr. Paul Mundy

Dr. Paul Mundy is the Director of the Communication Division at

Director, Communication Division

the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction. A British

IlRR, Silang, Cavite

national, he worked as an editor in the Central Research Institute


for Food Crops in Indonesia and in Egypt before joining IIRR. He

has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin.

Nguyen Ba Ngai

Nguyen Ba Ngai is a Lecturer in Social Forestry at the Forestry

Lecturer in Social Forestry

College of Vietnam. He teaches forest management and social

Forestry College, Xuan Mai


Hatay Province, Vietnam

Fax 84-4-250 000

Bui Ngoc Quang

Bui Ngoc Quang is a Project Officer of CARE International in

Project Officer

Vietnam. He has experiences in community forestry in the northern

CARE international in Vietnam

mountainous provinces of Vietnam; agroforestry systems in the

130 A, Thuy khue

uplands; participatory rapid appraisal; and working with ethnic

Hanoi Vietnam

minorities at the community level.

Fax 84-4-2337 14

Dr. Hamish Richards

Dr. Hamish Richards is an executive committee member of the UK

Development Consultancy Services,

Freedom From Hunger Campaign. He has undertaken


consultancies for the UN Population Programme (project evalua

Heath, Cardiff CF4 4HG

tion); UNESCO (nonformal education); Pacific Commissioner

Wales, United Kingdom

(population/human resource development); ILO (population

Fax 44-1222-750 621

programme management and child care facilities); and European

Community (plight of street children).

Dr. Walfredo Raquel Rola

Dr. Walfredo "Wally" Raquel Rola is an Assistant Professor at the

Department of Community and

Department of Community and Environmental Resource Planning

Environmental Resource Planning

at the University of the Philippines at Los Ba He has been

University of the Philippines

engaged by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) several times as

at Los Ba

an agricultural economist or financial analyst in reformulating and

College, Laguna, Philippines

evaluating projects in the Philippines, Nepal and Indonesia. Cur

rently, he is serving as a management system and logistic specialist for an ADB

funded Vegetable Integrated Pest Management Project in the Philippines.

Prem Sharma

Prem Sharma is the Regional Coordinator/Chief Technical Advisor


with FAO. He is also the Regional/Senior Scientist (Land-use) of

CTA, Watershed Management

CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica. He has authored over 40 publica

FAO office in Nepal

tions in watershed management, agroforestry, soil conservation,

P. O. Box 25, Kathmandu

irrigation, natural resources management for uplands in Asia and


Latin America.

Fax 977-1-526358

Bishan Singh

Bishan Singh is the executive president of the Management Insti

PCSD Programme Manager

tute for Social Change. He has more than 30 years of experience in

Asian NGO Coalition

the NGO movement. He is the President of the Pahang Association

PO Box 3107

of Consumers, a post he has held for the last 20 years. He was the

Quezon City

past president of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers' Associa

Metro Manila, Philippines

tions and co-chair of the Education Committee of the International

Organization of Consumers' Unions. Bishan was the first awardee

of the "Consumer Advocate Award" of the Government of


Prof. Dr. Naik Sinukaban

Dr. Naik Sinukaban is the Head of the Soil and Water Conserva

Department of Soil Science

tion Laboratory at Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.

Bogor Agricultural University

Jl Raya Pajajaran



Fax 62-251-312708

Nguyen Van So

Nguyen Van So is a lecturer of the University of Agriculture and

College of Agriculture and Forestry

Forestry, Thu Duc Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He holds an M.S.

Thuduc, Ho Chi Minh City

degree in silviculture and forest influences at the University of the

65/5a Nguyen Trong, Tuyen Street

Philippines at Los Bawith a minor in social forestry. His area

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

of specialization includes plantation forestry, water and soil con

Fax 84-8-960 713

servation measures and social forestry.

Esther Velasco

Esther Velasco is IlRR's Gender and Development Specialist. She

Research Division

develops research and development programs and provides train

Internationai institute of Rural

ing aimed at improving gender equity in developing countries.

Reconstruction, Silang, Cavite

Before joining IIRR, she served as the Program Coordinator of the


University of the Philippines at Los Ba Gender Program for

Rural Development. Ms. Velasco has a master's degree in Sociol

ogy, from Ateneo de Manila University.

Mr Tran Duc Vien

Tran Duc Men is a Lecturer and Researcher at the Center for

Centre for Natural Resources

Natural Resources Management and Environmental Studies,

Management and

University of Hanoi Vietnam

Environmental Studies

University of Hanoi

15 B Trieu Viet Vuong



Fax 844-2-66618

Balthazar Wayi

Balthazar Wayi is a Chief Land-use Officer at the Department of

Chief Land-use Officer

Agriculture and Livestock in Boroko, Papua New Guinea. He

Land-use Section

graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea in 1977, with

Department of Agriculture and

a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. In 1983, he obtained a post

PO Box 1863

graduate diploma in Agricultural Science from Massey University


in New Zealand. In 1985, he was awarded an MSc in Soil Science

Papua New Guinea

at the State University of Ghent in Belgium. His field of expertise

Fax 675 - 214354

is soil survey, soil classification, level land suitability evaluation

and land-use planning.

Zheng Wei

Ms. Zheng Wei is an Editor at the Chinese Academy Forestry in

Institute of Scientific and Technical

Beijing, China. She graduated from the Northeast Forestry Univer


sity and specialized in forestry botany. She now works at the

Chinese Academy of Forestry

Institute of Scientific and Technology Information on the

Beijing, China

agroforestry program.

Fax 86-1-258 2317