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close this bookWater and Sanitation in Emergencies - Good Practice Review 1 (ODI, 1994, 120 p.)
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Good practice RRN review

Good Practice Reviews are commissioned 'state of the art' reviews on different sectors or activities within the relief and rehabilitation field. Prepared by recognised specialists, and subject to peer review, they are produced in a format that is readily accessible to field based personnel.

This is the sixth Review in the series. Other titles available are:

Water and Sanitation in Emergencies by Andrew Chalinder, 1994

Emergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes by Jeremy Shoham, 1994

General Food Distribution in Emergencies: from nutritional needs to political priorities by Susanne Jaspers and Helen Young, 1996

Seed Provision During and After Emergencies by the ODI Seeds and Biodiversity Programme, 1996

Counting and Identification of Beneficiary Populations in Emergency Operations: registration and its alternatives by John Telford 1997

Temporary Human Settlement Planning for Displaced Populations in Emergencies by Andrew Chalinder, 1998

The Evaluation of Humanitarian Assistance Programmes by Alistair Hallam, 1998

Forthcoming editions under consideration include a look at best practice in security issues and an issue on best practice in microcredit in complex situations. For details on how to order these, and other publications, see overleaf.