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Feeding orphaned animals

Provide a foster mother to orphaned animals. If a foster mower is not available, prepare supplemental feed.

Cattle and goats

Supplemental feed for young orphaned calves and kids:

- 1 gallon of caracow's milk
- a pinch of Neomycin
- 1 egg white
- 1 tsp vegetable oil

When about 2 weeks old, add solid food in the form of small amounts of concentrate. Allow the young animal to gradually nibble soft forage.


A mixture of the following can be used as supplemental feed for young orphaned piglets:

- 1 quart of cow's milk
- 4 tbsp of syrup made from boiled mixture of water and sugar
- 1 egg
- a pinch of Neomycin

Here's how to feed orphaned piglets with the supplemental feed:

1. Hold the piglet by the head.

2. Insert your clean little finger into the piglet's mouth.

3. Gradually lower the piglet's head into a bowl of prepared supplemental feed. The piglet will start to suck. This procedure also applies to calves and kids.

4. Continue feeding piglets until they can be switched to a dry pre-starter ration.

For cattle, goats and pigs, the new mother will not usually allow the animals for adoption to suck her milk. If you see this, do the following:

- Rub the whole body of the animals for adoption and the young of the foster mother with any of the following:

-urine of the foster mother
-milk. of the foster mower

Rubbing the body

Keep the foster young animals in a box together, with the young of the foster mother, so their smells will blend.