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Disinfection of pen and equipment

Disinfect pen and equipment after use to kill germs. Disinfectants help prevent animals from dying and improve animal production.

When to disinfect

- 2-3 times a week during a disease outbreak.
- If the number of animals getting sick rises.
- If the number of animals dying rises.

Commonly used disinfectants


Soak 1 kg of wood ash in 1 can (kerosene) of water overnight. Use the water extract (lye) to disinfect the pen. Avoid getting in contact with lye for it could cause a burning sensation on the skin and the eyes.


Mix 1 teaspoon of creoline with 1 liter of water using a stick. Use the solution to disinfect the pen.


Mix 1 teaspoon of Iysol with 1 liter of water. Use the solution to disinfect the pen.

Tips about disinfectants

- They are harmless to humans and animals when applied in the right amount.
- If possible, use gloves when handling.
- Do not expose disinfectants to sunlight.
- Close the bottles tightly.

How to disinfect?

1. Clean the pen or house. Clean the ceiling first, then the wall and lastly the floor. Thoroughly dry the area.

2. Remove drinkers and feeders (if possible).

3. Use a detergent to loosen dirt and organic matter sticking to all surfaces. Warm or hot water increases the cleaning performance of the solution.

4. After using the detergent, rinse the pen with clean water.

5 Disinfect with any of the above examples of disinfectants.