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Appendix 1: Lighting and starting procedure

Sawdust at 12% moisture content was loaded into the turntable feeder drum. With the fan and turntable feeder switched off, a small fire was built on the furnace floor. To promote a strong fire, the fan was then switched on to supply a low volume of air. When the fire was well alight the furnace door was closed and the fan speed increased to an air-flow rate of approximately 8 m3/ min. This caused the flue gas temperature to rise quickly to about 600°C, then, as the fire subsided, the temperature started to drop. At this point the turntable was switched on at a preset feedrate of about 25 kg/in. Steady operating conditions were reached after about 10 minutes.

For all the experimental trials the unit was first run for 2-3 hours with sawdust at 12% moisture content and operating at a feed rate of 25 kg/in at an excess air value of approximately 250%.