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Next issues

gate 2/96

These days we often hear of a revolution in the efficient use of energy. Optimum use of conventional and non-renewable fuels is necessary in part because of the need for major cuts in atmospheric CO2 on energy emissions. In a gate focus on energy we wish to report on examples of the efficient use of various fuels. Among other things we will cover approaches to the rational use of energy in small industry, wood-saving stoves and solar energy.

gate 3/96

Economic topics were among the most popular in our readers' survey, so as a response to this we plan a focus on "small enter-prise development". This will deal with the following questions: Which role do small and medium-sized enterprises play in the development of Southern countries? How can small traders in the so-called informal sector be supported? What experience can be drawn from programmes on entrepreneurship development? In addition we will report in detail on management aspects of new enterprises and finally we will present financial models for new businesses.