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close this bookAlternative Techniques - For Teaching about HIV/AIDS in the Classroom (Peace Corps, 1996, 205 p.)
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View the documentNews: Who can get AIDS?
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View the documentGuidelines, kindergarten - Primary school grade 4
View the documentSuggested responses to questions, kindergarten - Primary school grade 4
View the documentGuidelines for teachers primary school grade 5 - Secondary school grade 6
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close this folderBasic information activities
View the documentThe basics of AIDS
View the documentAIDS myth or fact game
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View the documentAIDS action plan
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View the documentScrambled words
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View the documentCaptain condom commands
View the documentRoll your fortune
View the documentVocabulary AID
View the documentTic tac toe I - Using vocabulary
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View the documentWho has the AIDS virus?
View the documentThe spreading of communicable disease
View the documentShaking STD's
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View the documentChain of communicable disease game
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View the document101 ways to say I love you without having sex
View the documentPrevent AIDS concentration
View the documentGood health concentration
View the documentGo fish (for a cure)
View the documentEliminating barriers to individual AIDS prevention
View the documentWhat is safe?
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View the documentCome sit by me
View the documentChildren and the AIDS virus
View the documentChildren and the AIDS virus (Supplement for older students)
View the documentThe story of four friends
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View the documentLife should be
View the documentThe Ryan White Story
View the documentThe immune system role play
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View the documentImmune system dance
View the document''I have AIDS'' - A role play
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View the documentAppendix I - AIDS action plan
View the documentAppendix II - Cards for chain of communicable disease game
View the documentAppendix III - Cards for prevent AIDS concentration
View the documentAppendix IV - Cards for good health concentration
View the documentAppendix V - Cards for go fish: for a cure