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close this bookUsing Water Efficiently: Technological Options (WB, 1993, 61 p.)
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View the documentIntroduction
View the documentSectoral water allocation in countries and regions
close this folderWater use efficiency
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentWhat efficiency are we talking about?
View the documentWhat are current levels of water use efficiency in irrigation?
View the documentFactors affecting irrigation water use efficiency
View the documentWater use efficiency in the urban sector: Definitions
View the documentFactors affecting urban water use efficiency: Examples
close this folderMeasures to improve efficiency: Technological options
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View the documentReducing seepage, leakage and percolation losses in irrigation
View the documentCost comparisons of sprinkler and drip systems
View the documentPreventing evaporation and evapotranspiration losses
View the documentPromoting water reuse
View the documentImprovement of efficiency through better management
close this folderRiver basin management: When is low efficiency appropriate ?
View the documentBasin water use efficiency
View the documentImpact of increasing local WUE of a basin
View the documentTechnological, environmental and economic considerations
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View the documentAnnex I - Sectoral water allocation by country (145 countries)
View the documentAnnex II - Implications of increasing water use efficiency in a basin (a numeric example)
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