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close this bookHabitat Debate - Vol. 3 - No. 1 - 1997 - Partnerships (HABITAT, 1997, 65 p.)
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Calendar of Events

6-10 April 1997
IULA 33rd World Congress
Port Louis, Mauritius
Organizer: IULA

7-25 April 1997
Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), Dialogue Session on Local Authorities
New York, USA
Organizer: CSD Bureau

28 April-7 May 1997
16th Session of the Commission on Human Settlements
Nairobi, Kenya
Organizer: UNCHS (Habitat)

10 May 1997
Dialogue Among International, Regional and Local NGOs/NGO networks launching an Urban Resource Centre Network in Asia and the Pacific
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Organizer: YUVA

26-30 May 1997
Expert Group Meeting on Assessing Regional Development Planning in the Management of Urbanization
Nairobi, Kenya
Organizer: UNCHS (Habitat)

2-6 June 1997
International Conference on Capacity-Building for
Sustainable Cities in Asia
Bangkok, Thailand
Organizer: AIT

2-6 June 1997
“Pathways to Sustainability” International Conference
Newcastle, Australia
Organizer: ICLEI, IULA, UNEP

23-27 June 1997
Special Session of the General Assembly for the Review of UNCED
New York, USA
Organizer: United Nations Headquarters

25 June 1997
Conference on “The impact of the longevity factor of cities”
New York, USA
Organizer: UNCHS, Programme on Ageing, the NGO community and the private sector, International Council for Caring Communities

25-27 June 1997
International Workshop on “Law and Urban Space: After the City Summit. Challenges and Prospects for Urban
Legal Research and Practice”
O, Spain
Organizer: HSL, IRGUS

3-4 July 1997
South-South Mayors Conference
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Organizer: ASLI

7-10 July 1997
1st World Congress on Health and the Urban Environment
Madrid, Spain
Organizer: TILESA OPC

19-23 August 1997
World Congress of Gerontology
Adelaide, Australia
Organizer: International Association of Gerontology

24-28 August 1997
CONSAS ‘97, Conference on Land Tenure: Surveying Tomorrow’s Opportunities
Durban, South Africa
Organizer: FIG, SISA

14-19 September 1997
International Forum on Urban Poverty
Florence, Italy
Organizer: UNCHS (Habitat)