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close this folderChapter 10. What can institutions do to encourage self-development?
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10.5 Suggestions for further reading

Holmberg, B. Distance education: A survey and bibliography. London, Kogan Page, 1977.

Kubr, M.; Vernon, K. Management, administration and productivity: Directory of institutions and information sources. Geneva, International Labour Office, 1981.

Kubr, M. (ed). Managing a management development institution. Geneva, International Labour Office, 1982.

Many bibliographies are available on various aspects of management and training which could be very useful in establishing a basic library. More specifically on self-development, two bibliographies are

Boydell, T.H.; Pedler, M.J. Self-development bibliography. Bradford, MCB, 1979.

And, very much broader in scope

Popenoe, C. Inner development. Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1979 (also published in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand). A massive work, containing some 12,000 annotated references.