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close this bookImpact of Pesticide Use on Health in Developing Countries (IDRC, 1993, 346 p.)
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View the documentAcknowledgments
View the documentForeword
close this folderPart I: Epidemiology of pesticide poisoning - practical research experience in developing countries
View the documentBalancing the need for pesticides with the risk to human health
View the documentHealth-risk assessment of pesticides: development of epidemiologic approaches
View the documentAcute pesticide poisoning in Asia: the problem and its prevention
View the documentPesticide research for public health and safety in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand
View the documentInvestigations into acute pyrethroid poisoning in cotton growers in China
View the documentField exposure during application of organophosphates using knapsack sprayers in the Philippines
View the documentUse and control of pesticides in Pakistan
View the documentPesticide poisoning among agricultural workers in Bolivia
View the documentPulmonary obstructive disease in a population using paraquat in Colombia
View the documentControl of pesticide intoxication through research and rural education in a Peruvian valley
View the documentAgrochemicals: a potential health hazard among Kenya’s small-scale farmers
View the documentPesticide use in agriculture, public health, and animal husbandry in Cameroon
View the documentHealth profile of workers exposed to pesticides in two large-scale formulating plants in Egypt
View the documentExtent of exposure of farm workers to organophosphate pesticides in the Jordan Valley
close this folderPart II: Relating pesticide development, manufacturing, application techniques, and regulatory control to user safety
View the documentDevelopment of safe chemical pesticides
View the documentStudying the effects of pesticides on humans
View the documentSafer packaging and labeling of pesticides
View the documentImproving pesticide regulation in the Third World: the role of an independent hazard auditor
View the documentSafer pesticide-application equipment for small-scale farmers in developing Asian countries
View the documentField evaluation of protective equipment for pesticide appliers in a tropical climate
close this folderPart III: Roles of information and health services in achieving user safety
View the documentEvaluation and management of pesticides on a global level: the role of the International Program on Chemical Safety
View the documentRegional information resources for pesticide research
View the documentPromoting the safe use of pesticides in Thailand
View the documentLearning about pesticides in Thai medical schools: a community-oriented, problem-based approach
View the documentThe role of health-service units in monitoring and prevention of pesticide intoxication
close this folderPart IV: Environmental concerns and alternatives to manufactured pesticides in agriculture and public health
View the documentPesticides and wildlife: a short guide to detecting and reducing impact
View the documentControl of disease vectors: a current perspective
View the documentBotanical pesticides: optimizing pest control and minimizing environmental impacts
View the documentEndod, a potential natural pesticide for use in developing countries
View the documentRole of Ambrosia maritime in controlling schistosomiasis transmission
View the documentAlternative methods for pest management in developing countries
View the documentAlternative methods for pest management in vegetable crops in Calamba, Philippines
close this folderPart V: Appendices
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View the documentAbbreviations and acronyms