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close this bookDisplaced Persons in Civil Conflict - 1st edition (DHA/UNDRO - DMTP - UNDP, 1991, 52 p.)
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close this folderPart 1: Civil Conflict and Displacement
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close this folderPart 2: Assistance
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close this folderPart 3: Operational considerations
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close this folderPart 4: Issues in dealing with the host country
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View the documentThe role of the government in assistance programs
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close this folderPart 5: International organizations
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This part of the module provides insights into the problems associated with the implementation of assistance programs for displaced persons. Some of these are:

· political and logistical constraints
· constraints of the international aid "system"
· inaccessibility of displaces
· pacification schemes
· safety of relief teams in conflict zones

This part also provides guidance in strengthening counterpart organizations.