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close this bookAPPEAL - Training Materials for Continuing Education Personnel (ATLP-CE) - Volume 4: Quality of Life Improvement Programmes (APEID - UNESCO, 1993, 95 p.)
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Annex: List of Participants


(People’s Rep. of)

Mr. Liu Goujun
Associate Professor and Deputy Director
Adult Education Department
Central Institute of Education Research
People’s Republic of China

Mr. Liu Wanliang [Interpreter]
Programme Officer
Chinese National Commission for UNESCO
37, Damucang Hutong
Xidan, Beijing
People’s Republic of China
Tel. 662730; 6017912
Fax: 8601 6017912


Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Dighe
Senior Fellow
National Institute of Adult Education
10-B Indraprastha Estate
New Delhi- 100 002, India
Tel. 3318553, 3741313-14 (Off.)
225-3552 (Res.)


Mr. Mohd Hoesne Hussain
Deputy Director-General
Community Development Division
Ministry of Rural Development
Tingkat 7,9 and 19
Wisma Kimseah, Jalan Raja Chulan
50606 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel. 093 232-6744
FAX: 093 232-7646


Dr. (Miss) Chan-Nam Chung
Korean Research Institute for Women’s Life
41-200 Bongchun Dong
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel. (02) 884-1500
FAX (02)887-1500


Dr. Kasama Varavarn
Deputy Director-General
Department of Non-formal Education
Ministry of Education
Rajdamnern Avenue
Bangkok 10300, Thailand
Tel. 2822853; 2820596
FAX: (02) 2829718

[CIRDAP, Bangladesh]

Dr. M. Mahbubur Rahman
Action Research and Fellow
Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP)
Chameli House
17, Topkhana Road
GPO Box 2883
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel. 239686 (Off.)
FAX 831522(Res.)
FAX 880-2-833321


Dr. G. Rex Meyer
Educational Consultant
P.O. Box 154
(171 Copeland Road)
Beecroft N.S.W. 2119
Tel. 61 -2-4841597
61-2-4843786 (messages)
FAX 61-2-8753638

Dr. W.P. Napitupulu
Executive Chairman
Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO
Ministry of Education and Culture
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman - Senayan
Jakarta 102708 Indonesia
Tel. 581665 Ext. 100 and 126;
586367; 583127
FAX: 341534


Dr. (Mrs.) Fatimah Saad
National Population and Family Development Board
Ministry of National Unity and Community Development
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hajah Habsah bt. Abdul Rauf
Meeting Organizer
Director of Family Development Unit
Community Development Division
Ministry of Rural Development
Tingkat 7, 9 and 10
Wisma Kimseah, Jalan Raja Chulan
50606 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Encik Haron bin Ahmad
Director, State Community Development of Penang
Community Development Division
Ministry of Rural Development
Penang, Malaysia

UNESCO Secretariat

Mr. Hedayat Ahmed

Mr. T.M. Sakya
Educational Adviser and Co-ordinator "APPEAL"

Miss Wallapa Aramwitha

KEMAS Secretariat

Hj. Ibrahim bin Yunus
Functional Literacy Officer

Puan Norizan bt. Muda
Community Development Supervisor

Encik Hafiz bin Mohd. Hanam
Senior Community Development Supervisor

Encik Jailani bin Abd. Samad
Senior Community Development Supervisor

Encik Shuib bin Olhman

Encik Dol bin Bahrbl
Community Development Worker

Cik Rosnah ht. Hushl
Community Development Worker

APPEAL Trraining Materials for Training of Continuing Education Personnel (ATLP-CE)

Volume I


Continuing Education: New Policies and Directions

Volume II


Post-Literacy Programmes (PLP)

Volume III


Equivalency Programmes (EP)

Volume IV


Quality of Life Improvement Programmes (QLIP)

Volume V


Income-Generating Programmes (IGP)

Volume VI


Individual Interest Promotion Programmes (IIP)

Volume VII


Furture-Oriented Programmes (FOP)

Volume VIII


Learning Centre Development Programmes

These manuals have been prepared under the project
Training of Literacy and Continuing Education Personnel
(504-RAS-10 & 11) funded by the Government of Norway.