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close this bookBetter Farming Series 45 - Multinutrient Block Handbook (FAO, 1995, 28 p.)
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View the documentWhat are multinutrient blocks?
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close this folderHow to make multinutrient blocks
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View the documentUsing soft and broken multinutrient blocks
close this folderFeeding multinutrient blocks to animals
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View the documentHow to calculate the number of multinutrient blocks to make
View the documentUsing a mixer to make multinutrient blocks


To CIPAV and staff members T.R. Preston and E. Murgueitio for their research work.

To the scientists R. Leng and R. Sansoucy for their advice and research on multinutrient blocks.

This booklet was written and designed by L.O. Garcia and J.l. Restrepo R. with educational assistance from M.E. Carvajal de Guerrero of Carvajal Foundation, Cali, Colombia.