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How to make your old pond bigger

42. The easiest way to make your old pond bigger is to build a new, small pond next to your old pond.

Make the old pond bigger

43. Build the new pond in the same way that you built the old pond. Booklet No. 27 tells you how to do it.

44. In building the new pond, take away one side bank of the old pond and use the earth to build the new banks.

45. You will not need to make a new inlet for your new pond because the old one in the old part of the pond is all you will need.

46. You will need to make a new outlet in your new pond to let the water flow from the old part of the pond into the new part of the pond.

47. You will also need to make an overflow for the new pond. The old pond did not have one.

48. The drawing shows you where to put the new outlet and how the water should flow and where to put the overflow. You will learn how to build an outlet and an overflow later in this book.

New outlet and overflow