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Disinfecting seeds

7. Mix the disinfectant thoroughly with the seeds, so that it covers them all. Disinfectant protects seeds against moulds and insects.

The disinfectant is sold by the extension services. It is usual to mix one small tomato tin full of disinfectant with 1 cask full of shelled nuts - this means mixing 2 grammes of disinfectant for use with 1 kilogramme of seeds.

8. Disinfectant is polsonous.

Be very careful in using it Wash your hands well after touching disinfectant. Never give disinfected seeds to animals. Never leave disinfectant where children can get at it.

9. Disinfected seeds are not eaten by insects.

Disinfected seeds do not rot.

All the seeds will grow, there will be very few plants missing.

Disinfection makes for good density, and so the yield is better.

Device for disinfecting seeds