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close this bookBetter Farming Series 18 - Bananas (FAO - INADES, 1977, 27 p.)
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View the documentWhy bananas are grown
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close this folderDescription of the banana plant
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View the documentUnderground stem and roots
View the documentLeaves
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View the documentDigging the planting holes
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close this folderLooking after the plantation
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View the documentApplying fertilizers
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View the documentSupporting the plant
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View the documentProtection against insects and diseases
close this folderHarvesting and use of bananas
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View the documentOutput of a plantation
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Published by arrangement with the
Institut africain pour la dloppement nomique et social
B.P. 8008, Abidjan, Cd'Ivoire

Rome 1977

FAO Economic and Social Development Series No. 3/18

Reprinted 1984, 1992

ISBN 92-5-100149-9

© French edition, Institut africain pour le dloppement nomique et social (INADES) 1971
© English edition, FAO 1977